Free Patch Tuesday Webinar

Handy Tips from ManageEngine

Patch Tuesday, the unofficial term for Microsoft’s scheduled security fix release on every second tuesday of a month, has been a constant topic of discussion ever since its inception.
If you’re unsure how Patch Tuesday affects you and your organization, then join us this month to discuss on:

1 What’s hot on #Cybersecurity

Trends and hot topics you need to know about recent ransomware and cyberattacks and how they impact your organization.

2 What no one tells you about Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates

We will be looking into Microsoft and third-party security patches, and guide you  on the best course of action for testing and prioritizing patches while planning for the future scope.

3 Supercharge your Patch Management

In-depth discussion on patch management best practices to protect any system, any software, in any location.

4 Technical Q & A session on queries related to patching Microsoft and Third Party updates.