DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is a unified data visibility and security platform that performs file auditing, file analysis, data leak prevention, data risk assessment, and cloud protection.


File change monitoring

Reports on file accesses and modifications, with details on who made the change, to which file, when, and from where.

File integrity monitoring

Quickly spots unwarranted file modifications, sudden spikes in file accesses, excessive file deletions, failed attempts to access a critical file, and more.

Ransomware detection and response

Detects ransomware intrusions by using threshold-based alerts and executes instant responses to shut down infected machines.

File storage and permission analysis

Identifies file security vulnerabilities such as broken permissions and unsecured files and analyzes disk usage by employees.

ROT and duplicate file management

Controls data growth and reduces storage costs by managing stale, duplicate, non-business, and other junk files.
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Data discovery and classification

Identifies and classifies files containing PII, PCI, ePHI and other sensitive information.

Endpoint data leak prevention (DLP)

Controls file transfers to USB devices and prevents users from emailing business-critical files via Outlook or printing them.

File copy protection

Audits and controls file copy and paste actions in servers, workstations, and to removable storage devices.

USB data theft protection

Blocks the use of unauthorized USB storage devices and prevents the leakage of critical data via peripheral ports.

Cloud application protection

Tracks enterprise web traffic and enforces policies to block the use of inappropriate, risky, or malicious web applications.


DataSecurity Plus ensures all-round protection of data at rest, data in use, and data in motion by combining file server auditing, data classification, endpoint file activity monitoring, file analysis, and cloud protection capabilities in one package. Users can eliminate third-party integrations and will not have to purchase multiple solutions to achieve data visibility and security.

It identifies security threats such as ransomware intrusions, exfiltration of sensitive data via endpoints, file activity anomalies, and more, and automatically executes responses like shutting down servers, blocking file transfers, disabling user accounts, ending user sessions, etc. to limit damage.

It gives deeper insight into the location and usage of files containing sensitive personal data such as PII, PCI, and ePHI. It identifies security vulnerabilities by assessing file permissions and optimizes enterprise storage by managing junk files.




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