Device Intelligence

Netskope Device Intelligence provides unprecedented visibility into all connected devices across the enterprise networks and branch offices, and secures them through context-driven classification, risk assessment, segmentation, and access control.

Enforce zero trust device security through discovery, risk assessment and management of internet-connected things in the industrial and enterprise networks.


Device discovery

Agentless, non-intrusive solution that discovers managed and unmanaged connected devices on the network.

Granular context

Profiling every connected smart device on hundreds of attributes to create deep contextual intelligence and enforcing granular control to mitigate risks and data loss.

True identity

Analysis of hundreds of device parameters to generate unique device identifiers and authenticity ratings for accurate device identification and fingerprinting, extending zero trust to individual devices.
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AI driven operations

AI-based device identification and categorization, anomaly detection and risk assessment, delivering unprecedented device visibility and securing the network from risky devices.


Dynamic network segmentation and device grouping based upon their context, risk profile and threat assessment, limiting their access and preventing lateral movement of threats.

Actionable risk insights

Dynamic risk scores based on real-time behavior, identification of known and unknown risks by correlating context, device activities, and known vulnerabilities, providing unparalleled insights into every possible network threat and improving the overall IT security hygiene.

Enterprise integrations

Seamless integration with enterprise security solutions, such as SIEM, SOAR, NAC and firewalls solutions for comprehensive security capabilities and protecting existing investments.


Enable context-driven visibility into all the connected IT, IoT and OT devices with automated discovery, classification and mapping, while generating deep insights into device activities and behavior.

Comprehensive cybersecurity asset management with granular search and reporting for the discovered assets, true-up the asset inventory and drive mandatory service compliance in adherence to corporate policies.

Perform continuous device monitoring to detect anomalies and insider threats, generate unique device risk scores based on real-time behavior, map alerts based on device classification and tags, and enrich SIEM and SOAR alerts with deeper device intelligence.

Enforce granular access control using deep device context, micro segment devices for allowing precise, least privileged access and orchestrating actions using existing network systems such as firewalls and network access controls.



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