NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow analyzer is a bandwidth and traffic analysis tool that helps you monitor the bandwidth utilization in your network and analyze the who, when, what of your network traffic.

It is a unified solution that leverages flow technology to give you real-time visibility into your network and supports all major flow formats and vendors


Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring & Traffic Analysis

Monitor and analyze traffic at interface levels and get real-time visibility into traffic patterns and network performance with reports.
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Multivendor Support & Flow Technology

Monitor and analyze all major flow formats like NetFlow, sFlow , cflow, J-Flow , FNF, IPFIX, NetStream, Appflow from devices like Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, extreme and other leading vendors.


Create and manage alert profiles, set custom threshold-based and link-down alerts, and get notified in real-time in case of any violations.
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App-centric Monitoring and traffic shaping

Classify app traffic, identify bandwidth hogs, validate QoS policies and shape traffic based on priority, and validate policy changes based on performance with CBQoS graphs.
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Monitor voice, video and data effectively

Monitor and analyze media-rich traffic and ensure high quality of communication with Cisco IPSLA.


Identify and plan your future bandwidth requirements with NetFlow Analyzer’s capacity planning reports.

Detect a broad spectrum of external and internal security threats with advanced security analytics module, track network anomalies that surpass your network firewall, and identify context-sensitive anomalies, DDoS attacks, and zero-day intrusions.

Generate Search, Compare, Consolidated, and Forensics reports among many others, schedule them, create report profiles, and export them as email, PDFs, or CSVs.




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