Application Load Balancer

Haltdos Application Delivery Controller is an enterprise-grade Server Load Balancer solution that provides high-speed server load balancing and optimization. Haltdos ADC solution provides NAT and Routing for client and server, Load balancing capabilities from the transport layer to the application layer. HTTP and Network optimization along with REGEX-based redirection rules to rewrite URLs. SLB provides protection against volumetric and low and slow DDoS attacks as well as protection against invalid HTTP requests. Solution also provides support for multiple virtual contexts along with resource allocation.


Caching & compression

Reducing load on servers by caching static and dynamic content.

TCP optimization

Optimizing congestion control and TCP multiplexing to optimize networking.

SSL Acceleration

SSL / TLS offloading along with SSL session caching to improve performance.

Traffic management

Support for multiple algorithms to distribute traffic across server farms.
Icon representing internet connection, symbolizing connectivity and online access for an innovative DMARC solution.

Global load distribution

Built-in GSLB for load distribution across multiple data centers.

Failover management

Monitoring servers in server farms for distributing load across healthy servers.


Time or Trigger based dynamic configuration.

Upgrade your applications seamlessly with built-in support for B-G deployments.

Layer 4 -7 context-based policy rules for appropriate routing across server farms.



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