Detect Safe Browsing

Identifying and eliminating malicious files is not enough to stop financial malware. Detect Safe Browsing takes a different security approach.

By disrupting the credential harvesting and external communication that malware uses to take over accounts and cash out attacks, it ensures that even compromised devices can continue to perform secure transactions.


Malware protection

Detect and stop malware infections

A professional man wearing glasses and a tie, representing the icon for easy identification of emails among many DMARC-enabled recipients.

Customer experience

Improve the customer experience by slashing unnecessary interruptions.

Reduced impact

Reduce the operation impact of fraud investigations.

Smishing protection

Defend against smishing attacks on android devices.

Threat intelligence

Utilize real-time threat intelligence

Phishing attacks

Discover and halt phishing attacks

Active threats

Prevent the root cause of fraud by finding active threats.

Sensitive data

Safeguard sensitive end-user data


A downloadable application that protects PCs and Macs from phishing and malware attacks. Lightweight desktop software for PC.

Protects both the banking app and mobile browsing by detecting malware and other mobile risks.

Clientless detection that identifies malware attempting to tamper with online portals and sessions.



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