WAN Load Balancer

Link balancing is designed to balance the load between the local area network (LAN) and the Internet. Positioned between the LAN and the WAN (Wide Area Network), a link balancer uses traffic management algorithms to make sure that each link is being used to the best of its ability. It can potentially work out the fastest route for the information by considering which ISP link has the most bandwidth available.

A typical use would be to combine multiple Internet links to increase the aggregate available bandwidth, performance and redundancy. The link balancer directs traffic by using algorithms to determine which router and ISP has the most available bandwidth. Haltdos Enterprise Link Balancing is a QoS solution offering a high-performance WAN link balancer.


Improve network utilization

Effective utilization of multiple WAN links for reliable performance.

Optimize WAN Links

Distribute traffic over multiple WAN links for better connectivity.

Eliminate downtime

Seamless failover to healthy WAN links for business continuity.
A professional man wearing glasses and a tie, representing the icon for easy identification of emails among many DMARC-enabled recipients.

Improve productivity

Build a network that prioritizes business-oriented connectivity.
A diverse group of professionals working in a call center, providing call center services.

Quality of Service

Improve connectivity for real time applications like SIP, streaming, etc.

Secure DNS

DNS filtering capability to reduce risk of malware infection.


AI based DDoS protection across Layer 2 – Layer 7

Built-in defense against attacks targeting DNS infrastructure

Traffic prioritization based on packet loss, congestion and jitter



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