OpManager is an easy-to-use, affordable network monitoring solution that helps large enterprises, service providers and SMEs manage their data centers and IT infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

OpManager provides in-depth visibility and control over the network and helps you drill down to the root cause and eliminate it before operations are affected.


Network Performance Management

Monitor your network with 2,000+ performance metrics.

Physical & Virtual Server Performance Monitoring

Monitor both physical and virtual servers across multiple vendor OS.

Intelligent Alerting & Fault Management

Orchestrate and automate first level network fault troubleshooting steps and stay informed on the go.

Storage Management

Get deeper insights on capacity, performance, and configuration of RAID controller devices, tape libraries, and fabric switch management.

Workflow Automation

Construct a powerful workflow rule to suit your IT management with over 70 workflow checks and actions grouped under 9 different categories, including VMware ESX actions.

Real-time Maps

Render the logical network topology diagram once the network and network devices are discovered for a better visualization of the physical network connectivity.

Dashboard & Business Views

Extensively customizable dashboard with over 90 widgets, providing an at-a-glance overview of the current status of your network, with critical metrics.

Insightful Reports

Simple interface with more than 100 in-built reporting profiles, all intuitively grouped and classified, that can be scheduled and generated automatically.


Automate policy-based change, configuration and compliance on your network devices, making manual configuration errors a thing of the past.

In-depth bandwidth usage details to help quickly identify any unscrupulous WAN usage, exposes virus attacks. Also helps in capacity planning.

Manage the IP address space, map devices that are plugged into the switch ports, and get a holistic view of IP addresses, IP computer objects information, MAC address list, VLAN information, Switch port status & much more.

Effectively manage and monitor your firewall logs and optimize your firewall rules based on its usage. Also manage compliance in your firewall devices.

Proactively monitor business applications and help businesses ensure their revenue-critical applications meet end-user expectations.




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