ADManager Plus MSP

With ADManager Plus MSP, manage and get reports on your clients’ Active Directory (AD), Exchange, and Microsoft 365 environments.

Simplify user lifecycle management by securely delegating technicians with the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of users from provisioning to deprovisioning, automate mundane IT tasks like password resets and AD cleanup, and report on all changes made to objects of your clients from a single console.


Centralized management

Leverage a unified console to securely manage the Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange infrastructure of multiple clients with complete data segregation.
Stay connected with ease: Internet connection icon symbolizing protection of revenue and brand reputation with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

Built-in reports library

In-depth visibility into your clients’ AD, Microsoft 365, and Exchange environments with prepackaged reports. Perform management operations on the fly with built-in management options.

Enterprise-ready integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations with HRMS; ITSM tools and security information and event management solutions to allow your technicians to perform all IT management tasks from a single tool.

Customizable dashboards

Create custom dashboards to gain visibility into the current status of your clients’ domains with metrics like inactive users and computers, users with expired passwords, locked-out and disabled users, and the number of workstations and domain controllers.

Mobile-based management

Stay on top of your clients’ management requests even when away from your desk.

Auditing and compliance

Be ready for compliance audits with built-in reports and options to build custom reports based on your organization’s needs.


Manage multiple domains for individual accounts with role-based privileges for specific domains and technicians.

Take a fully automated, policy-driven approach for user onboarding, deprovisioning, and other routine management operations.

Execute critical changes only after approval from your clients or senior technicians. Send real-time SMS and email alerts to all stakeholders for critical changes.





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