OpUtils with its integrated set of network monitoring tools helps engineers efficiently monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot IT resources.

It is a Web-based, cross-platform tool, which runs on Windows and Linux. It includes tools for Network Diagnostics, Address Monitoring, Network Monitoring, SNMP Monitoring, Server Monitoring, and Cisco Monitoring.


IP Address Management

Enable advanced IP scanning of IPv4 and IPv6 subnets in your network to identify the available and used IP addresses.
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Switch Port Management

Scan, map, and view in depth insights into your network switch ports with the switch port mapper module and port scanner tool.

Rogue Device Detection

Identify the rogue device intrusions and block their access.

Bandwidth Monitor

Keep track of your networks bandwidth usage and generate bandwidth utilization reports for different parameters.

Config File Management

Schedule backup of the CISCO config files to upload/download and compare different versions of the startup/running config files.

Wake on LAN Software

Provide both manual and schedules boot-up of a inactive machine that is present in a network


Get snapshot of a given MIB along with querying a SNMP device to produce a graph.

Scan the subnet to get details of the CISCO devices and collects details like device snapshot, IOS details, flash memory details, etc.

Check the availability, route and health of a system, scan range of IP’s and shows the status of a node.

Scan TCP ports, SNMP-enabled devices and retrieve IP address details, system details and other details related to MIB OID

Manage, resolve and get the list of DNS name, IP address and MAC address of a network.

Monitor the critical servers in the network for availability and alert for immediate attention.




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