Cloud Firewall

Netskope Cloud Firewall delivers Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) for egress traffic from a SASE architecture. Netskope Cloud Firewall enables consolidation, less complexity, and lower cost of operations by delivering firewall services and DNS security from a SASE architecture.

It secures outbound traffic across all ports and protocols for users and offices. Policy controls include application and port/protocol, plus user-IDs, group-IDs, fully qualified domains and wildcards as destinations.


Consistent, granular coverage

Enforce SWG and Cloud Firewall application control policies to identify, block or allow access to web and non-web applications for users and offices anywhere.

Improve security

Get better visibility and control by using Netskope for centralized security enforcement of web and cloud and non-web/DNS traffic.

Simplify operations

Reduce security operations cost and complexity by offloading outbound policy to Netskope Cloud Firewall, for single console/single client administration around the world.

Advanced DNS protection

Disrupt DNS-based attacks by inspecting queries for malicious domains, stop tunneling attacks, and block newly registered or algorithmically generated domains.

Firewall event logging

Get the full view of cloud firewall events with slice and dice views directly within Netskope Advanced Analytics or by exporting logs to a SIEM.


Protect users and offices from anywhere using a SASE-based infrastructure to deliver consistent outbound firewall application controls and security policies.

Eliminate latency caused by backhauling traffic to an enterprise firewall by delivering firewall services where they are needed.

Eliminate security blind spots caused by direct-to-internet and split-tunnel VPN.

Protect against malware, advanced threats, and cloud-enabled threats with anti-malware, sandboxing, ML analysis, the Cloud Threat Exchange (CTE) for IOC sharing, plus add-on Behavior Analytics or Targeted RBI.



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