Remote Browser Isolation

Isolate uncategorized and risky websites for safe viewing all within one cloud platform, one console, and one policy engine.

RBI delivers seamless and safe viewing of risky websites and ensures no website code executes on end-user devices.


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Seamless safe viewing

Seamless safe viewing by users in their natural browsing environment.

Easy to use

Easy to select “isolate” policy action within the Netskope management console.

Simple deployment

Avoid the complexity of forward proxy configurations, certificates, unique URLs, and multiple cloud environments.

Dangerous code executed away from users

Each user’s web browsing activity is executed in a separate container, and after the user has completed browsing, the containers are deleted, ensuring complete isolation between users, with no possibility of containers being re-used.

A diverse group of professionals working in a call center, providing call center services.

Reduce Help Desk Calls

Enables safe web browsing for specific website categories like uncategorized and potentially risky websites.


Having a way to completely protect a user accessing risky websites is more important than ever.

Reduce user complaints from blocking websites.

Netskope RBI pixel rendering of websites is delivered in user expected formats for mobile and desktop devices offering end-users a completely seamless experience.

Netskope RBI is fully integrated into the Netskope Security Cloud providing SWG, CFW, CASB, and ZTNA inline solutions.

Built on NewEdge, the world’s largest highest performing private security cloud for security at the edge where it is needed with a five 9s SLA and health trust portal.



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