ManageEngine Identity360 is an identity platform that helps enterprises address workforce IAM challenges. Its powerful capabilities include its built-in Universal Directory, identity orchestration, SSO, MFA, role-based access control, access insights, and more.

It empowers admins to manage identities across directories and their access to enterprise applications from a secure, centralized console. With Identity360, not only can enterprises scale their businesses effortlessly, but they can also ensure compliance and identity-first security.


Built-in Universal Directory

Migrate your enterprises to the cloud and seamlessly store user data, onboard employees, and provide secure application access.
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Leverage existing integrations

Allow admins to utilize directory and application integrations for a unified identity management center.

Systematic identity life cycle management

Efficiently create users with templates, manage user identities, and orchestrate user access all from one console.

Reliable orchestration

Set up orchestration profiles to automate user account management in enterprise applications with smart templates and enhance identity management.

Comprehensive SSO solution

Enable SSO for any application that supports SAML, OAuth, or OpenID Connect protocols, including your custom applications.
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MFA for enterprise applications

Enforce MFA for single-click access to enterprise applications without compromising on security.


Let admins delegate tasks to non-admins using built-in help desk roles without elevating their native permissions.

Seamlessly provision user accounts and leverage role-based access management for enterprise applications.

Gain deep insights into application usage, user accesses, and admin activities using built-in reports.



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