Network Configuration Manager

Network Configuration Manager is a web-based network configuration, change management (NCCM) solution for devices from 200+ vendors.

Trusted by thousands of network administrators around the world, Network Configuration Manager helps you automate and take complete control of device configuration management life cycle.


Manage Configurations

Extended capabilities to supporting about 6700+ devices across various vendors.

Take control of changes

Gain complete visibility and control over changes made to configurations.

Perform compliance checks

Ensure compliance to both internal and industry compliance policies.

Automate configuration tasks

Set of default configlets and custom configlets creation.

Comprehensive reports

Generate reports to keep tabs on your network configurations and devices.


Informative device inventory depicting device details and hardware properties.

Role-based privileges to restrict access to device configurations.

Provision to define standards and check the configurations for to stay compliant to current day industry standards.


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