Application Control Plus

Application Control Plus is a comprehensive enterprise security software that brings together privilege management and application control capabilities. It helps enterprises gain a holistic view of their network by aiding in the instant discovery and categorization of authorized and unauthorized applications.

With application-level privileged management and dynamic, rule-based whitelisting and blacklisting, Application Control Plus ensures only authorized access occurs, minimizing an enterprise’s attack surface.



Instantly discover and categorize all running applications.

List creation

Simplify application control list creation and management by using predefined rules.
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Build application whitelists by enforcing a trust-centric approach.

Attack prevention

Prevent malware, zero-day vulnerabilities, and advanced persistent threats by blacklisting malicious executables and applications.

Network management

Cater to your network’s unique prerequisites utilizing the various flexible modes available.

Privileged access management

Control application-specific privileged access and reduce the chances of attacks leveraging privileged credentials.


Discover all installed applications, applications running with elevated privileges, and local admin accounts created in the network.

Eliminate all unnecessary admin accounts, and group applications that need to be allowlisted and blocklisted along with those that require elevated access.

Create user device groups and associate them to corresponding app groups, allowing users in these groups to access required applications with and without elevated privileges even while remaining standard users.




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