Professional WAF

Haltdos Professional WAF is an upgrade to the existing Haltdos Community WAF, bringing extra features to everyone who is using CE WAF, to protect their applications. Cyber-attacks are on a rise every day, and Haltdos Professional WAF, is the right product for customers, who would like to configure multiple web applications, improve their web application performance and protect their web applications, by ensuring security of their data and customers.

Haltdos PE WAF, unlike Haltdos CE WAF, is a Premium Product, which follows a usage-based pricing model. Costing is based on the number of requests that are going to the Web Application, via Haltdos PE WAF. Users can configure multiple PE WAF instances, and pricing will be based on the total requests going through all the configured instances. Haltdos PE WAF supports Bot Protection.


Powerful, flexible WAAP

Ensures comprehensive security for web applications and APIs against OWASP Top 10 attacks, zero-day attacks, multiple vulnerabilities, and automated threats.

Built-in app delivery

A hardened SSL/TLS stack to provide a secure HTTPS front end to your applications. The built-in application delivery module provides load balancing, caching, and compression capabilities.

Compliance & reporting

Haltdos Professional WAF generates detailed logs, making it easy to demonstrate regulatory compliance.


Easy to deploy, configure, and manage.

Reduces latency and improves end-user experience.

Easy to integrate with popular SIEMs and log management tools.


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