Mobile Application Protection

Cybercriminals are leveraging security vulnerabilities and social engineering to infect mobile devices and steal the sensitive data that enables account takeovers.

Secure applications with mobile-centric risk assessment and the detection of malware behavior, such as app spoofing and pharming attacks.



Identify and repair host file edits.

Man-in-the-middle attacks

Identify app certificate fraud to disable Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Overlay attacks

Detect overlaying in banking applications to protect against attackers harvesting the personal information and login credentials of your end users.

Repackaged apps

Identify if the bank application has been modified.

Smishing protection

Uncover harmful Smishing attacks found within the SMS text messages on your end users’ smartphones.

Device risk assessment

Restrict access and functionality based on factors such as whether a phone is jailbroken, rooted, infected, face down, connected to public Wi-Fi and much more.

Secure storage

Encrypts and protects data at rest in the application to prevent unauthorized access to the sensitive information it may contain.

Risk controller

Restrict, partially restrict or allow devices detected with each risk factor according to your own tolerance level.


Eliminate the risk of credential compromise on mobile

Protect your customers from application overlay, phishing, pharming and Man-in-the-Middle attacks

Ensure that your app is running in a safe environment with a risk-based access policy through our Risk Controller



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