DNS Firewall

For companies to deliver the best possible experience to users, they need to ensure always-on connectivity and reliable performance for business applications whenever and wherever they’re accessed. GSLB is a method of distributing traffic amongst servers potentially dispersed across multiple geographies. The servers can be located either on-premises in a company’s own data center or hosted in a cloud (public cloud or private cloud).

Haltdos Global Server Load Balancer is a method of distributing traffic amongst servers located in multiple geographies around the world. The servers can be located either on-premises in a company’s own data centers or hosted in a cloud.


Prevent infection

Blocks DNS queries on malicious domains.

Stop exfiltration

Perform changes on many computer objects simultaneously, with just simple GUI based actions.

Secure DNS

Blocks DNS attacks such as DNS poisoning, DNS hijacking and DDoS attacks.

Authoritative DNS

Secure DNS over UDP, TCP and DoH with support for DNSSec.

Global load distribution

Built-in GSLB for load distribution across multiple data centers.
Stay connected with ease: Internet connection icon symbolizing protection of revenue and brand reputation with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

DNS insight

Get visibility into DNS traffic with real-time statistics and reports.


Ransomware, Adware, Virus, etc. use DNS for communication with CnC. Stopping this communication prevents security breaches.

AI-driven DNS filtering blocks phishing URLs and drive-by-downloads from infecting devices in real-time.

Stops inappropriate or malicious content, such as adult websites, proxies and streaming media from office network.



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