Biometrics Authentication

State-of-the-art user verification is essential for confirming that users are who they say they are – but too much friction can repel the customers you are trying to protect.

Biometric technologies, as part of an adaptive authentication system that combines identity conformation with other risk-based variables, can ensure that only legitimate users access sensitive data and accounts without having to just through all the hoops.


Secure access

Facial, voice and fingerprint recognition that enables simple and safe access.

No customer friction

Reduce customer friction and reduce the need to memorize passwords or type in security codes.

Illustration of an eye with circles and dots, representing email domain insights.

Protection in the blink of an eye

SelfID Liveness detection technology monitors an end user’s blinks in the background to prove liveness when authenticating a transaction.

Authentication framework

Part of an authentication framework that offers the most extensive series of different factors across all channels.

Multi-software support

Android and iPhone iOS API support allowing for different phones to add fingerprint validation.


Biometrics can also assist with risk-based authentication.

Defend against cybercriminals who try to circumvent rudimentary facial scanners.

APIs for registration, authentication, resets and more are covered by the solution to allow for full customer lifecycle management.



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