Endpoint DLP Plus

Endpoint DLP Plus is ManageEngine’s dedicated DLP software for protecting sensitive data on managed endpoints from data disclosure and theft by leveraging advanced data loss prevention strategies.

Endpoint DLP Plus scans all endpoints in your network and accurately identify the various types of sensitive information present. In short Endpoint DLP Plus helps you stay ahead in your data security game.


Advanced data discovery

Gain organization-wide data visibility.

Robust data classification

Keep all digital assets in check.
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Proactive mitigation of insider threats

Launch continuous surveillance for suspicious events.

Swift remediation of false positives

Strike a balance between productivity and security.

Optimal cloud upload protection

o Intercept hijacking attempts and unintentional data leakage.
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Secure email collaboration

Ensure data exchange occurs only via trusted domains.

Efficient data containerization

Confine the circulation of sensitive data to trusted apps.

Stringent device control

Minimize device-related threat vectors.


Leverage DLP capabilities to diligently scan all the endpoints in your network and accurately identify the various types of sensitive information present.

Monitor and control your enterprise data movement from a centralized console.

Get comprehensive reports on user activities and data transfer logs with actionable insights.




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