EndpointOne™ is a comprehensive security service that uses a range of system strengthening techniques, technologies for preventing and detecting threats, along with machine learning and behavioral analysis, to offer enhanced protection against advanced attacks.

EndpointOne™ offers a unified and highly effective cybersecurity solution that outperforms other Next-Gen or EDR products in preventing and detecting these more sophisticated threats. It is designed to safeguard what is most important to you. Your data, your infrastructure, your people.


Risk Analytics

Continuously monitoring of your system behavior by identifying anomalies and providing real-time risk assessments.

·Cloud Threat Intelligence

Gain access to the latest threat data in real-time to ensure proactive threat prevention and faster response times to emerging cyber threats.

Exploit Defense

Provide a strong defensive barrier against zero-day attacks that helps prevent system compromise.
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Network Attack Defense

Safeguard your endpoints from network-based attacks and monitor network traffic to identify and mitigate suspicious activities.

Advanced Threat Security

Proactively identify and neutralize emerging threats to bolster your devices’ resilience against cyberattacks.

Automated & Manual Response

Gain detailed visibility into security incidents on your endpoints to understand and respond to security events effectively.

Local and Cloud Machine Learning

Provides dynamic threat detection and prevention, adapting to new attack methods and protecting your endpoints effectively.

Web Threat Protection

Shields your devices from web-borne threats, such as phishing attempts and malicious downloads.

Web Content Control

Empowers Internet access management and regulation, enabling to protect your network from potential threats originating from the web.


Provides a robust network security layer for your devices for controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic.

Process Inspector (Automatic Detection)

Automatically detect and analyze running processes on your systems to identify suspicious activities and potential threats.
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Actively identifies and blocks phishing attempts, protecting your users from falling victim to fraudulent websites and email scams.


Manage and secure USB and other peripheral devices connected to your endpoints. You can set policies to control device usage, reducing the risk of data leaks and malware infections.

Automate the process of applying security patches and updates to your systems. Ensure that your devices are protected against known vulnerabilities, reducing the attack surface and enhancing the overall security posture of your organization.

Enhances the security of your devices by encrypting the entire disk, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential even if the device is lost or stolen. It provides robust data protection for users, maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.



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