ServiceDesk Plus MSP

ServiceDesk Plus – MSP is a complete web based IT Help Desk Software with integrated Asset management module built specifically for Managed Service Providers. It has been designed to handle multiple accounts in a single Help Desk so the MSPs don’t have to juggle with multiple software.

It is bundled with thoughtful features like Incident Management, Account Management, Asset Management, Knowledge Base, Service Level Agreements, Remote Control Management, and Purchase and Contract Management. All these modules come in a single package at a very affordable price!


Enterprise service management

Centralized request portal, single enterprise directory, unique service desk instances

Service requests and request fulfillment

Self-service portal, built-in service catalog, service request workflows, automated and contextual notifications

Incident and problem management

Custom templates, priority matrix, SLAs, request life cycle, root cause analysis
A professional man wearing glasses and a tie, representing the icon for easy identification of emails among many DMARC-enabled recipients.

Change management

Multi-stage implementation, visual change workflow builder, integrations with other ITSM processes

Reporting and SLA management

Built-in reports, custom reporting, unique incident and service SLAs, multi-level escalations
Stay connected with ease: Internet connection icon symbolizing protection of revenue and brand reputation with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

IT asset and configuration management

Asset discovery, asset tracking, software asset management, software license management

Configuration management database (CMDB)

Visual relationship mapping, CMDB APIs, integrations with other ITSM modules

Process and visual workflow design

Drag-and-drop workflow builder, contextual actions and notifications, invoke custom scripts.


Visual relationship mapping, CMDB APIs, integrations with other ITSM modules.

Purchase order to asset conversion, vendor management, contract expiration notifications.

Custom actions, custom menu for requests, custom triggers, custom apps.





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