SkopeAI automatically adapts to the ever-growing data landscape, including the widespread adoption of generative AI and new AI-driven attacks, providing superior security for your data and users at the speed AI requires.


SkopeAI Data Protection

SkopeAI employs the industry’s only ML-Based cloud DLP solution that identifies new data and protects it in real-time.

SkopeAI Threat Protection

Shatter the boundaries of traditional cybersecurity by harnessing the intelligence and the lightning-fast capabilities of AI and ML.
Illustration of an eye with circles and dots, representing email domain insights.

Keep GenAI and SaaS Safely Under Control

Netskope industry-leading CASB is the only solution that delivers ML-based risk categorization of new cloud apps, discerns app instances and enables secure utilization of generative AI.


Netskope user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) uses ML to detect elusive anomalous behavior patterns, including malicious insiders, compromised accounts, brute force attacks, and data exfiltration.

Enhance network access and performance with AI and ML through comprehensive enterprise-wide predictive insights, SD-WAN access anomaly detection, and application performance flow analytics.

Netskope device intelligence provides ML-based identification and categorization of newly connected devices and anomaly detection, delivering unprecedented device visibility, access control, and IoT security.



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