Public Cloud Security

Gain visibility, control, and compliance across your multi-cloud environment. Scan public cloud storage services to identify and protect sensitive data and detect malware.


Continuous security assessment

Use a single, intuitive console to monitor and audit security configurations, resources, and services across multiple public clouds.

Advanced data loss prevention (DLP)

Identify and protect sensitive data stored within your AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds.

Insider threat protection

Detects and blocks threats and data exfiltration by malicious insiders using a unique combination of API-enabled and inline controls.

Advanced threat protection (ATP)

Utilize multi-layer threat detection to uncover elusive and advanced attacks.

Illustration of an eye with circles and dots, representing email domain insights.

Real-time inline visibility and control

Monitor and protect your public cloud resources in real time using granular controls that identify and restrict access between managed and unmanaged “shadow IaaS” services.

Secure access to private applications

Secure access to applications within your public clouds using zero trust network access (ZTNA) capabilities.


Get consistent, comprehensive visibility across your multi-cloud estate through a single intuitive console, with the ability to apply granular filters.

Gain insight and actively enforce industry standards and regulations for NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, CIS configuration checks, cloud benchmarks, best practices and more.

Continuously monitor security configurations for inaccuracies and inadvertent exposure of data to the Internet.

Get reports on unmanaged IaaS services and then create and enforce policies restricting use of these unapproved services with real time granular controls.

Scan storage services like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage for sensitive content and apply cloud data protection policies to prevent unauthorized access and activity such as data exfiltration.

Scan cloud storage to detect malware hiding in data at rest in your storage buckets and blobs.



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