Patch Manager Plus

While patch management isn’t that complicated, devising patching best practices for your enterprise can be.

Patch Manager Plus is a web-based, stand-alone patch management solution used by IT administrators and network engineers to automate and simplify patch management for Windows, macOS, and Linux as well as 850+ third-party applications.


Blazing speed

Automate patch management to get more endpoints patched in less time.


Ability to customize deployment policies to meet your enterprise’s patching needs.


Secures networks by applying timely patches to OS and applications.


Patch management tool that helps achieve 100% patch compliance status across all systems.
A professional man wearing glasses and a tie, representing the icon for easy identification of emails among many DMARC-enabled recipients.


Use powerful audits and reporting to better analyze and fix vulnerabilities faster.


Unified console to perform all patch management functionalities.

It helps you take control of vulnerabilities and threats in your network and optimize your security investments, with minimal investment.

A single tool that caters to all the patch management needs of an enterprise, with a quick return on investment and low total cost of ownership.




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