Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central is a robust endpoint management software that can be used by IT Administrators and Network Engineers to manage their systems and mobile devices.

It offers a single integrated console for all desktop and mobile device management activities that eliminates the need to work with multiple software applications, thereby enabling end-to-end desktop and mobile device management.


Patch management

Secure your network by automating patch deployment for Windows, Mac, Linux and Third-Party Applications.

Threat and vulnerability management

Proactively detect and remediate vulnerabilities in your network.

IT asset management

Manage software and hardware assets within your network and track license and warranty details effortlessly.
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Software deployment

Deploy software to all the endpoints within your network in just a few clicks using 10,000+ pre-defined application templates.

Application control

Holistic enterprise application security and endpoint privilege management tailored to proactively achieve zero trust by leveraging principle of least privilege.

OS imaging & deployment

Automatically image and deploy OS on Windows computers, along with the installation of required drivers and applications.

Data loss prevention

Fortify your endpoints from insider attacks and unauthorized devices by encrypting, classifying and securing your critical enterprise data.
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Browser security

Manage and secure multiple browsers seamlessly across your network, implement safe browsing by restricting downloads, filtering malicious web apps, managing extensions, and more.

Ransomware protection

One-stop ransomware protection powered by multi-patented and ML-assisted technology, providing quick ransomware detection, mitigation, and one-click recovery.

Remote control

Troubleshoot remote desktops with multi-user collaboration, file transfer, video recording, and more.


Unify endpoint management with a similar approach towards managing mobile phones, Mac and Windows 10 devices.

30+ pre-defined configurations including Power Management, USB Device Management, Security Policies, and so on.

Seamlessly integrate Endpoint Central with ITSM, ITAM, analytics solutions and vulnerability management tools.

Strengthen endpoint security by regularly assessing vulnerabilities, monitoring browsers, controlling applications and devices in your enterprise network.




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