CloudSpend is SaaS-based cloud cost management software built from the ground up by ManageEngine to help businesses gain precise insights into their cloud costs.

It helps you optimize your cloud costs through adopting best practices like implementing chargebacks, forecasting charges, and rightsizing resources.


Business units

Α method of allocating AWS or Azure cloud costs to one or more entities, thus helping you understand costs for different teams, projects, departments, or customers.


Simplified budget creation lets you prevent cost overruns.

Schedule report

Create a schedule that delivers dashboard views to your inbox so you can stay on top of your AWS or Azure cloud bills.

Resource explorer

Gain in-depth analysis of how your AWS or Azure cost account is accruing cloud costs.

Currency management

View your AWS or Azure cloud costs in multiple currencies for different transactions and monitor the expenses of your cost accounts and budget in your preferred currency.
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Tag profile

Customize tags by adding a key and a value with Tag Profile for your AWS and Azure accounts.


Get a granular view of your cloud bills.

To help you start immediately, CloudSpend also provides a set of default chart widgets.

Compare current vs budgeted amounts, plan your cloud expenses, and obtain historical data.


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  • Cost Optimization
  • Negotiation Power
  • Budget Planning
  • Decision Making