Channel IT announces
strategic partnership
with Smokescreen

For delivering cyber-deception solutions

Channel IT announces strategic partnership with Smokescreen

For delivering cyber-deception solutions

Channel IT continues to partner with leading-edge technology providers thus helping customers in their digital transformation journey! We are excited to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with Smokescreen, a pioneer in deceptionbased threat defence technology, to deliver the next-generation of threat detection and response systems.

Smokescreen offers deception-based threat detection solutions that protect some of the most targeted enterprises globally, including leading financial institutions, critical infrastructure, and Fortune 500 companies. Its’ proprietary deception platform, IllusionBLACK. detects, deflects and defeats advanced hackers in a manner that is false-positive free and easy to implement. It effectively handles multiple avenues of attack and augments the response capabilities that most companies have.

It is the company of choice for offensive security teams, with a customer Net Promoter Score above 70. It has also been recognised by industry influencers like Gartner and SC Magazine and customers alike.

In this context, we’ve partnered with Smokescreen for a webinar on using deception / honeypots for active defense and threat detection. Join Sahir Hidayatullah, Founder & CEO of Smokescreen, as he shares insights from 20+ years of running active defense programs globally. He will also share learning from deception deployments that his team has managed at over 100 customers across the world.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The difference between passive and active defense.
  • Examples of how modern security team run active defense programs using deception
  • Use cases – How you can use deception to actively defend your network and detect pre-attack recon, lateral movement, privilege escalation, insider threats, APTs, zero-days, AD threats, and more.
  • Deception + Your security stack – How deception helps make your existing security controls better and gets you higher ROI from your prior security investments.
  • The attacker’s view of deception – A live demo of what happens when attackers stumble into a network with deception, how you can detect their movement, actively engage them, and stop breaches.

For more information about Smokescreen contact us at +35722256811.