Password Manager MSP

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Password Manager MSP

Protect the passwords of multiple customers in a single instance

Password Manager Pro is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital identities. Password Manager Pro’s MSP Edition allows service providers to centrally manage the privileged passwords of their customers through a fully automated, policy-driven approach.


Key Features

  • Securely Store Client Passwords: Securely manage the privileged passwords of their customers IT assets from a single console, yet achieve complete segregation.
  • Selectively Share Among MSP Admins & Clients: Selectively share passwords between MSP administrators and their respective customers
  • Launch Direct Connection: Launch Direct Connection to remote IT resources, websites and applications without the pain of manually entering login credentials
  • Automatically Reset Passwords: Automatically Reset the passwords of servers, databases, network devices and other resources.
  • Control Access to Client Network: Ensure that users only get access to the passwords they own or ones that are shared with them
  • Achieve Concurrent Controls: Have the flexibility to entrust the control of the password vault to the MSP administrator, the end user or both, as desired
  • Gain Visibility on Password Access: Get a complete picture on ‘who’ has access to ‘what’ passwords through intuitive reports
  • Video Record & Audit: Video Record & Audit all privileged access, get complete record of all actions
  • Instantly Provision, Deprovision: Provision, deprovision passwords to users and user groups in bulk. Instantly remove access when a user quits.
  • Demonstrate Security, Win Trust: Demonstrate to their customers that the critical data are being securely handled and win the trust of clients