Secure and protect Microsoft 365

With M365 Security Plus

An exclusive solution to fortify Office 365 environments.

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Solutions Offered

  • Office 365 Auditing
  • Office 365 Content Search
  • Office 365 Monitoring
  • Office 365 Alerting
  • Help Desk Delegation
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Services Supported

  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure Active Directory
  • SharePoint for Business
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Skype for Business
  • Yammer, Sway, and more.

How does M365 Security Plus stand out from the rest?

Granular auditing

Gain access to detailed reports on critical changes and activities like failed logon attempts, file access, role changes, license modifications, and more. Create your own audit profiles to generate specific reports periodically, and to be notified via email.

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Real-time alerting

Configure alert profiles to receive instant alerts for critical events, such as changes in password, malware filters, security settings, role assignments, and more. The alerts provide detailed information, such as the severity of the event, alert trigger, time of occurrence, etc.

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24x7 monitoring

Stay one step ahead of service failures with around-the-clock monitoring of health and performance of Office 365 features and endpoints. Receive timely alerts on service outages, and get detailed information about the event.

Advanced content search

Perform condition-based and pattern-based searches to identify emails with personal information, such as social security number, login credentials, etc. Identify a potential spear-phishing attack by configuring alerts to notify when an email is sent from an unknown user or unidentified server.

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Help desk delegation

Ease IT admin workloads by creating custom roles, and delegating tasks such as auditing, reporting, and monitoring to non-administrative users. Leverage advanced delegation features like cross-tenant, domain-based, attribute-level delegation, and more. Also, track admin or technician activities with the help of audit logs.

How does M365 Security Plus stand out from the rest?

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