National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, celebrated worldwide every October, is an initiative to help you stay secure online. As dependency on technology increases, it’s getting harder to ignore the impact of cybersecurity on our day-to-day lives.
It takes many years for a company to build a reputation and just a few minutes of cyberattack to bring it all down. Are you willing to take that risk? Or are you proficient at being safe and secure online?
Take ManageEngine cybersecurity awareness quiz to test your knowledge and find out how cyber aware you really are.


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Visit ManageEngine Be Aware, Be Secure page to learn best practices to stay secure online, revisit the defining moments of cybersecurity, and browse through a collection of must-see movies, documentaries, and TV shows about cybersecurity that we assure you will love.
Test your cybersecurity awareness, and remember to “Be Aware, Be Secure.”

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