Arcserve UDP Archiving

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Arcserve UDP Archiving

Reduce your risk of exposure with robust email archiving

Flexible, powerful UDP Archiving makes email archiving simple—even for the decentralized organizations and MSPs that manage multi-tenant architectures.

Choose Arcserve as your standalone email archiving solution—or deploy it within Arcserve UDP for a comprehensive data protection solution.

Whether you archive emails on-premise or in a private or public cloud, Arcserve will deliver both savings and peace of mind. Arcserve UDP Archiving protects your vital email records and simplifies compliance, no matter where your email archive lives—on-premise or in a private or public cloud.


UDP Archiving supports both on-premise and cloud-based email platforms, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Domino
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Gmail
  • And many more


  • Automatically capture and retain emails as encrypted, unalterable corporate records
  • Quickly and accurately index, search, retrieve, and export emails and attachments for legal discovery and compliance audits
  • Automatically remove email records when retention periods have expired
  • Effortlessly manage emails against exclusion, hold, and disposition policies
  • Reduce mail server storage
  • Increase email platform performance