Channel IT participates in the 4th InfoCom Security Cyprus Conference

Safeguard your Digital Business Journey | 8-12-2022 | Expo Cyprus, Nicosia

The IT business ecosystem of every organization is constantly transforming today, creating new opportunities, and increasing challenges. Digital Transformation offers every business, optimized operations, easier production processes, and improved experiences for customers, while evolving as a continuing journey in a vast ocean of new technological solutions from multiple suppliers, complex processes and people involved, which can carry risks, and requires special attention!

A beacon of guidance and protection in the digital journey of businesses, is the implementation and management of a security plan, based on modern technological tools, new approaches, innovative strategies, but also on the training and awareness of all those involved in cybersecurity issues.

The 4th Infocom Security Cyprus Conference – which is the leading event in Cyprus for Cyber Security – will highlight all the conditions required for a safe journey in the digital business world by presenting once again:

  • The trends and recent developments in the field of cybersecurity, reflecting the emerging threats to information infrastructures and critical data and how we can protect against them.
  • Modern technological solutions, tools and services that strengthen business protection mechanisms against sophisticated attacks, and turn the goal of strengthening resilience, into practice.
  • The critical role of the human factor and how information security professionals, management, and all staff of any organization, can contribute to the creation of cybersecurity conditions.

Channel IT will be participating in the 4th InfoCom Security Cyprus Conference as a sponsor. In the context of the event we will be showcasing products and solutions from distributed brands with global activity, like ManageEngine, Zoho, Netskope, Appgate, Arcserve, Site24x7, as well as DMARC Right, our new, in-house innovative SaaS solution for empowering email security and deliverability.

Don’t miss out the oportunity to meet us during the event! Complete your registration for FREE, join our stand at the Expo Cyprus and watch our presentation entitled: “Making IT work Right“.

For more information about Channel IT's participation at the 4th InfoCom Security CY 2022, contact us at +357 22 256 811.