Transform your
unstructured data into

powerful business insights

ManageEngine announces FileAnalysis, an all new software which can help you transform your unstructured data into powerful business insights, quickly identify file security vulnerabilities, deduplicate critical files, and control data growth.

Highlights of FileAnalysis

Gain in-depth visibility into data stores to locate at-risk data, and manage inactive data to reduce data storage costs.

  • ROT analysis: Reclaim storage capacity by locating and purging redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data from your IT ecosystem.
  • Disk space analyzer: Track your disk usage pattern and consumption rate to generate instant alerts when free space falls below a preconfigured limit.
  • Permission analyzer: Analyze and report on users’ effective access permissions across all files and folders to prevent privilege abuse.
  • Data risk scanner: Identify and manage data most vulnerable to security threats, and improve your organization’s security posture.

Storage and security insights in one package

Understand and manage your data stores better with ManageEngine FileAnalysis.

Storage insight

  • Purge junk data: Locate and delete stale, old, duplicate, and other unneeded files to manage disk space better, and lower data storage costs.
  • Remove duplicate files: Manage bloated file storage by identifying and deleting multiple copies of the same file across your data stores.
  • Optimize data storage: Analyze disk space usage and data growth patterns, and generate instant notifications when free space falls below preconfigured limits.
  • Identify data owners: Get critical insights on file ownership details including identifying the most active user, most common file types, and much more.
  • Delete hidden data: Find instances of all hidden files in your organization including system files, OS files, and business-critical data.
  • Delete non-business files: Scan for specific file types or sizes that are unwanted or unnecessary in your organization.

Security insight

  • Identify overexposed files: Find folders and shares with excessive access rights such as those open to everyone or those that allow full control access.
  • Find orphaned data: Identify and manage files owned by inactive, disabled, or deleted users to minimize the risk of privilege misuse.
  • Track permission hygiene issues: Locate files with broken or disrupted permission propagation to prevent instances of excessive or inadequate permission levels.
  • Find ransomware-corrupted files: Notify admins on finding any instance of ransomware-infected files in your data stores using our library of known ransomware file types.
  • Locate privileged users: Identify users with elevated privileges to files and folders at all sub levels to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.
  • Examine security permissions: Generate instant reports on users’ effective permissions, and identify who has access to do what to your sensitive data.

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