Zero Trust conference - Greece & Cyprus

Benchmark your security architecture against the latest Zero Trust best practices.

Welcome to the ManageEngine Zero Trust Conference

Implementing a Zero Trust strategy is a hot topic right now since there has been a steep rise in the size of the remote workforce and the number of modern endpoints. Zero Trust is not a new trend—it’s been in discussion for more than a decade—but the reality is only one in 10 organizations are putting Zero Trust into practice.


Implementing Zero Trust is not as easy as it sounds; it’s a strategy that needs to be planned and analyzed, and any gaps must be filled with the right tools. The package of tools from ManageEngine, ranging from unified endpoint management to identity and access management (IAM) and security information and event management, fills those gaps.


Join our panel discussion and sessions led by industry experts to explore the latest trends and happenings around Zero Trust and stay on top of your game.


11:00 AM EET

Thu, Nov 18, 11:00 AM – 11:10 AM

11:10 AM EET

Thu, Nov 18, 11:10 PM – 11:50 AM (EET)

    • What is Zero Trust?
    • Why is it important to implement a Zero Trust policy?
      • Preventing insider threats and data loss
      • Mitigating ransomware attacks

Why the pandemic, hybrid work, and a distributed workforce make it even more essential

11:50 AM EET

Thu, Nov 18, 11:50 PM – 12:20 PM (EET)

Align your IAM with Zero Trust and learn to:
  • Protect identities with flexible but secure authentication policies
  • Identify unauthorized actions by governing access rights
  • Restrict inappropriate accesses with least privilege and just-in-time policies
  • Plug potential entry points by detecting and removing orphaned accounts automatically
  • Discover malicious activity with privileged user activity monitoring
12.20 PM EET
12.30 PM EET

Thu, Nov 18, 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

  • Device control and data loss prevention
  • Protecting against ransomware
1:00 PM EET

At this virtual conference, we’ll discuss

  • The importance of implementing a Zero Trust model vs. the traditional security model.
  • The best approach to implement Zero Trust architecture for your organization.
  • Industry best practices for preventing evolving cyberthreats.
  • How to safeguard your organization from ransomware attacks.
  • The impact of a hybrid work environment, and how Zero Trust architecture can be crucial here.


Jane Frankland

Jane Frankland

Cybersecurity expert

Rajesh Ganesan

Rajesh Ganesan

Vice president - Product management

Joshua Crumbaugh

CTO and Chief Hacking Officer

Santhosh Narasimhamoorthy

Santhosh Narasimhamoorthy

Senior technical evangelist

Rajkumar Vijayarangakannan

Rajkumar Vijayarangakannan

Technical evangelist

Feroz Mohammed

Feroz Mohammed

Presales Technical Consultant

Megha R

Megha R

Product expert