How GDPR affects your organization

GDPR is coming: Does your organization have “State of the Art Security”?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect soon and your organization could be affected.

Join this month’s threat webinar as Trend Micro’s Steve Neville, Director, Corporate Marketing and Jon Clay, Director, Global Threat Communications, discuss many aspects of this regulation, including details of what it is, who it affects, how non-EU companies are impacted, and what needs to be done before it goes into effect.

If your organization does business in Europe or if you have any electronic data associated with EU citizens, you will be required to have “State of the Art security”—attend this webinar to learn more about the requirements and how Trend Micro can help.

 The event is organised by Trend Micro and will be available worldwide. Please follow the link to register:


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