Data security under the CCPA Sep banner-2020

Why attend this webinar?

The enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) began on July 1, 2020. It is now critical for organizations to ensure that their compliance strategy is in place. The CCPA requires organizations to secure the sensitive data they hold, while also protecting the privacy of consumers.

In this webinar, you will learn the best practices organizations can adopt to comply with the CCPA, and to avoid paying huge penalties for violating CCPA mandates. With the help of use cases, you’ll learn how a comprehensive IT security strategy can help organizations in its journey towards compliance. This process will also help you build a foundation for any new privacy laws to be enacted in the future. While the CCPA is only applicable to businesses that operate in the state of California, it may well be the model over which other compliance laws are built in the future.

We’ll cover:

  • Understand the basics of the CCPA and the rights of consumers.

  • Explore data discovery, data processing, and data security best practices.

  • Develop a data privacy plan under the CCPA.

  • Learn from use cases: What to expect in July 2020 when the CCPA is enforced.

  • Discover the right IT processes and tools that will enable you to comply with the CCPA privacy mandates.


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Implementing a least privilege- Sep banner-2020

Why attend this webinar?

Even though security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have been around for many years, organizations still struggle to achieve effective security monitoring. SIEM solutions have certainly evolved over time, but even the most advanced AI-powered analytics won’t get the job done unless basic log management practices are in place. This webinar will help you successfully plan your SIEM deployment and ensure your plans come to fruition.

We’ll cover:

  • Important considerations while deploying a SIEM solution.

  • Fundamental capabilities of a SIEM solution.

  • The data that must be collected from your infrastructure.

  • Analytical techniques you must employ to gain actionable insights.


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10 security tips Sep banner-2020


About this webinar

Active Directory holds the keys to your kingdom in IT. Because of this, it’s often targeted by attackers to breach critical resources in your network. Management loopholes such as inactive users and inappropriate assignment of privileges can be exploited by attackers. At the same time, not monitoring security events such as logons and changes made to Active Directory objects can result in security incidents going undetected.

Efficient management practices and continuous auditing are vital for ensuring IT security and compliance. In this tech talk, our presenters will discuss 10 management and monitoring tips to secure your Windows infrastructure with a focus on Active Directory.


In this tech talk, you’ll learn about:

  • Securing Active Directory using management best practices.

  • Analyzing and reporting on file server access.

  • Monitoring security events in real time.

  • Securing your Windows environment using ManageEngine tools.

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End user password self service Sep banner-2020

Why attend this webinar?


Social engineering attacks have increased and the advancements in these attacking techniques sure cause a concern about organization’s security. The easiest way to break into a network is by misusing a user’s identity. A strong password can also be compromised and we have to come to terms with password strengthening not being the only answer to protecting user accounts from these attacks.

Join our product expert in this session to learn how to boost your organization’s security with an additional layer of authentication.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • The security incident life cycle.

  • Advanced incident detection.

  • Incident response and management.

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AD under attacks Sep banner-2020

Why attend this webinar?


Sophisticated, high profile breaches often get the most attention, and rightfully so. After all, traversing between multiple systems, and stealing user credentials to access sensitive data hosted on a critical machine does demand attention. But more often than not, when we start to investigate a breach, we often tend to oversee the simple configuration mistakes and management mishaps. These simple mistakes could be the root causes of the breach, or at the very least a propagation factor.

In this webinar, we’ll:

  • Go behind-the-scenes some of the most devastating breaches on hybrid IT environments in 2020.

  • Replicate the breaches live, to analyze and determine the possible configuration errors and management practices that could’ve facilitated the breach.

  • Create a security and monitoring plan to identify misconfigured permissions, and detect and alert on anolamous activities performed under the context of the permissions.

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Azure Active Directory

Why attend this webinar?


Do the right people have the right access to resources? What are the users doing with their access? Are there sufficient methods to control access? Whether your environment is a cloudless ecosystem, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both, it’s crucial to choose the right identity and access governance approach.

In this webinar, you’ll learn to:


  • Learn about various identity and access management (IAM) strategies offered by Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD.

  • Determine possible limitations of IAM approaches in AD and Azure AD.

  • Choose the right IAM strategy for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments with AD360.


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