Data Erasure Standards & Applications for Enterprise Data Centers

Today, there are a wide range of data erasure standards that software vendors and businesses follow. Blancco, for example, allow its customers to choose from 22 standards with its data erasure software. But how do businesses know which data erasure standard(s) is right for them, and are some standards better than others?

Join this Blancco Webinar to learn how data erasure standards have evolved over the past few years, how standards like DoD 5220.22-M and NIST Clear and Purge are applied today and what we expect data erasure standards will look like in the future. Then, find out how your data center can follow server and drive decommissioning best practices using these standards, and discover how you can ensure your data erasure processes are working properly.

This webinar will feature insight from Ontrack; an independent data recovery organization that provides a 3rd party assessment of data erasure methods. Ontrack performs forensic analysis on erased media to determine if any data is left over. These analysis services across HDDs, SSDs, and mobile devices prove compliance with the latest NIST data sanitization standards.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • An overview of erasure standards today
  • DoD vs. NIST – and their applications today
  • What global regulations and standards say about erasure
  • Future-focus: How mobile and ssd erasure standards will evolve
  • Server and drive decommissioning best practices
  • How to ensure your data is gone for good

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