SnapServer series

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SnapServer series

Simple, expandable enterprise storage for high-performing resilient environments

SnapServer® family offers enterprise class unified block and file storage that is workload optimized and is scalable up to ~1PB. Seamlessly integrate into your existing corporate infrastructure for authentication and authorization of all users and systems.



Built upon the award winning GuardianOS, the SnapServer XSD 40 offers enterprise class management and data protection features, all in a desktop form factor. Ideal for file sharing and remote access the SnapServer XSD 40 supports SATA-II hard drives and is scalable up to 24TB. The SnapServer GuardianOS includes DynamicRAID for seamless storage expansion by adding or replacing hard drives as capacity requirements change. In addition, all SnapServer storage volumes can grow or shrink dynamically within the storage pool without IT intervention, preventing costly provisioning errors and unnecessary upgrades.


  • DynamicRAID® – Automatic Capacity Expansion with Thin Provisioning
  • SnapSync™ – Secure, Unlimited File-Syncing. No 3rd Party Cloud Required.
  • RDX Integration – Rugged, reliable disk-to-disk backup
  • Dynamic Volume Management – Let GuardianOS® Do the Heavy Lifting
  • Unified Storage – Freedom of Choice
  • Advanced Security – Intelligence Matters
  • High Performance Snapshots – Fast File Recovery
  • Replication with SnapEDR – Across the Hall or Across the Globe