cloud app security for Office 365

Cloud App Security for Office 365

Keep ransomware and other threats out of Office 365

Cloud App Security blocked over 10 million malicious files and URLs from Microsoft® Office 365 by extending the included Office 365 security with advanced detection techniques to find ransomware, unknown malware, and links leading to malicious sites.


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Key Features

  • Uncovers ransomware and other malware in office files: Uses document exploit detection to find hidden malware inside common office file formats like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as was seen in 60% of targeted attacks.
  • Detects attacks already in progress: Unlike email gateways that only scan inbound/outbound email, Cloud App Security also scans internal email to discover criminal attempts to use email to migrate within your organization from already compromised user accounts or devices.
  • Controls sensitive data usage: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive uses over 200 pre-built and customizable compliance templates to control sharing of controlled data.
  • Expert protection for Microsoft systems: Trend Micro has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for 20 years and brings extensive experience in protecting on-premises email and collaboration systems to the cloud.