Channel IT is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with TrustArc, The Data Privacy Management Authority to provides its solutions and services in the Greek, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Maltese markets.
TrustArc’s (formerly TRUSTe) is a world leader in privacy and dispute resolution services, designed to help oversee consumer requests and complaints regarding the privacy practices of those companies participating in TRUSTe’s program.
TrustArc based in San Francisco, California with more than 20 years on the market offers a complete suite of compliance tools to help corporations update their privacy management processes so they comply with today’s laws and best practices.

TrustArc clients also include:

TrustArc worldwide customer base includes names like SAP Software, Nestle, Forbes, Loreal, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, VMWARE and other leading worldwide brands. 

Alternatively you may call the number +35722256811 in Cyprus and in Greece +302109340288 for more information.