Combating endpoint management
and security challenges

in the COVID-19 era​

For the first time in the digital era, almost the entirety of the global workforce has shifted to a remote work model to help diminish the spread of COVID-19. This unprecedented transition has not only opened up new avenues for security risks, but has also proven to be a challenge for facilitating endpoint management routines and enabling remote access to critical corporate resources.

ManageEngine polled InfoSec and IT professionals to study the impact of COVID-19 on IT. Among respondents, 47 percent admitted that they’re facing new challenges now that they’re working remotely.

Download the infographic to learn how organizations are currently adapting to the remote work scenario, and learn about the solutions you can implement to better prepare for the upcoming trends the new norm is bringing along with it.

What’s inside?

  • New challenges for IT teams in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Surprising trends signaling the direction in which IT is headed.
  • ManageEngine solutions to help you steer through the crisis and become future ready.

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