Vembu has ventured into the Backup & Disaster Recovery market in 2002. Since then, the only focus is on building a comprehensive data protection solution for small and medium businesses. Their flagship offering, Vembu BDR Suite, is a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution designed to protect the data across diverse IT environments. These includes virtual, physical, cloud workloads and SaaS applications.

Over the last 15+ years, Vembu has set footprints around the globe and is trusted by several companies in different sectors like private, public and government to protect their critical data. They are honored to serve some of the finest companies in the world. Among their customer base, you will find recognizable world-wide firms as well as reputable local companies.

Vembu’s vision is to empower businesses to make Backup & DR software as a part of their day-to-day business operations to protect their critical data at an affordable price. Thus, their solutions are extremely affordable and are ideal for businesses of any size, with a tight budget.

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For more information about Vembu products contact us at +35722256811.