DMARC Right - A Channel IT brand

Email is still the most common route for harmful activities. Consumer frauds, online CEO impersonations, and employee phishing cost billions of dollars in losses for the government, private and public sector companies and organizations. Prevent email fraud saves time and money.

Channel IT brings DMARC Right, a cloud-based portal that gathers data from all Message Transfer Agents (MTAs), like Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc.

The portal assists Organizations to enable SPF, DKIM, and DMARC so that MTAs can block phishing from being delivered to business partners, employees and customers.

Block unauthorized email senders by filtering unwanted emails before they reach employees, partners, and customers. Improve business email deliverability by making it easier for mail providers to discern between phishing communications and legitimate marketing activities.

DMARC Right, a compete DMARC turn-key solution for your organization!

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