Bring your team, projects, files and conversations to one place and work at warp speed.

Samepage combines multiple productivity tools into one app that does it all. Now available as a standalone desktop app, Samepage is your all-in-one collaboration software to manage projects, share files, communicate with your team, and so much more.



  • Teams & People: Collaboration starts with people. Work with anyone inside or outside your org to get the job done.
  • Messaging: For all of those quick conversations you need to have with your co-workers, we’ve got you covered.
  • Content Creation and Management: Meet with your team to gather ideas and turn them into reality.
  • Document Management: Files from everywhere come together to one place. Because information should be easy to find.
  • Task Management: Divide and conquer that to-do list. Spend more time conquering and less time on the dividing part.
  • Calendars Get a clear view of events happening across your teams on a customized calendar.
  • App Integrations Samepage integrates with file sharing services and other apps, so there’s no reason not to love us.
  • Search & Notifications Stay in the know with real-time updates. Unless you don’t want to know. The choice is yours.
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps Collaborate anywhere and at supersonic speeds with our native desktop and mobile apps.

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