Event Log Analyser

Event Log Analyser

IT Compliance & Event Log Management Software for SIEM

Using the Log Analyzer software, organizations can automate the entire process of managing terabytes of machine generated logs by collecting, analyzing, correlating, searching, reporting, and archiving from one central location.


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Key Features

  • Real-Time Event Correlation Pinpoints breach attempts, insider threats, policy violations, and more without any manual intervention
  • Universal Log Collection Collects logs from heterogeneous sources (Windows systems, Unix/Linux systems, Applications, Routers, Firewalls, etc.) at a centralized location
  • Privileged User Monitoring Collects and analyzes all events on privileged user activities
  • Real-time Alerting Get alerted in real-time via SMS and email upon the occurrence of network anomaly. You can even run a program or script to remediate the alert condition
  • Log Search Search for anything, not just a handful of pre-indexed fields, and quickly detect network anomalies, user activities, system/applications errors, etc.