Blancco Enterprise Erasure 2U

Blancco Enterprise Erasure 2U

A solution built to meet your high volume data erasure needs.

Blancco Enterprise Erase 2U appliance is an industrial grade server solution built to meet your high volume data erasure needs. The 2U appliance delivers a fast, reliable and certified erasure methodology in a portable form factor.


570x400 blancco enterprise erase 2u rev0517

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Key Benefits

  • High volume: Enables data erasure on up to 24 SAS/SATA/SSD hard drives at a time
  • Ease of use: Processes hard drives right out of the box with minimal set-up time
  • High speed: Performs at top processing speeds of 3+ GB/min per drive, depending on drive specs
  • Drive health check: Leverages S.M.A.R.T. attributes to categorize or grade drives based on power-on hours or how many bad sectors
  • Fully operational system: You supply only a mouse, keyboard and monitor
  • Digitally signed erasure reports: Automatically generated and stored in the system; can be exported to external database or into cloud storage; compliant to R2, NAID, ADISA and e-Steward audit standards
  • Powered off a standard wall outlet: No additional power requirements

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