Control Manager

Control Manager

Assess, prioritize, and investigate attacks with Trend Micro or SIEM systems

Provides a single, integrated interface to manage, monitor, and report across multiple layers of security, as well as across all deployment models.


Key Features

  • Continuously monitor and rapidly understand your security posture, identify threats, and respond to incidents with up-to-the-minute situational awareness across your environment.
  • Security dashboards allow instant triage by giving administrators the ability to prioritize critical threat types, critical users, or critical endpoints, so they can take action on the most pressing issues first.
  • Connected Threat Defence enables Control Manager to retrieve suspicious objects from Deep Discovery when it detects a new threat locally, and deliver rapid response (real-time signature updates) to endpoints, enabling faster time-to-protection and reducing the spread of malware.
  • User-centric view lets you easily manage security across all device types so that you can deploy and review policy status for any endpoints owned by a given user, whether desktop or mobile

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