DMARC Compass

DMARC Compass

Eliminate email spoofing. Take down phishing websites.

DMARC Compass is a cloud portal that gathers data from email receivers. The portal assists users enable three protocols – DMARC, SPF, and DKIM – allowing email receivers like Microsoft and Gmail to block phishing from being delivered to consumers, business partners, and employees.


Key Features

  • Intercept and reject fraudulent email before it is received by employees, customers, and business partners. Monitor who is sending spoofed email, where it is received, as well as the contained phishing URLs and malware.
  • Measure the effectiveness of email security actions by receiving email authentication and deliverability results from across the globe.
  • Monitor URLs within spoofed emails to identify malicious websites. Our Security Operations Center will identify and remove the fraudulent domains.
  • Our Professional Services team assists organizations to stop email fraud. Let us train users to quickly identify valid senders, quarantine scammers, and provide valuable insight into the corporate threat environment.

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