Deep Discovery Inspector

Deep Discovery Inspector Network appliance that monitors traffic across all ports. Product Type: Software Vendor: Trend Micro™ Key Features Monitors traffic across all ports and more than 80 protocols and applications. Using specialized detection engines and custom sandboxing, it identifies the malware, c&c, and activities signaling an attempted attack. detection intelligence aids your rapid response READ MORE

Deep Discovery Suite

Deep Discovery Suite Targeted attack detection, in-depth analysis, and rapid response Help your organization fight the scourge of ransomware by giving you the ability to detect, analyze and respond to ransomware threats.   Key Features Advanced Threat detection. Identifies attacks anywhere on your network using specialized detection engines, correlation rules, and custom sandboxing. Smart protection READ MORE

Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor

Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor Context-aware endpoint security monitor Key Features Records and reports detailed system activities Rapidly evaluates the nature and extent of an attack. Indicators of compromise (IOC) intelligence from Deep Discovery and other sources can be used to search endpoints to verify infiltrations and discover the full context and timeline of an attack.

Deep Discovery Analyser

Deep Discovery Analyser Integrated Attack Protection Key Features Enhances the malware detection capabilities of all your security products Supports out-of-the-box integration with many Trend Micro products Manual sample submission, and an open web services interface to allow any product or process to submit samples and obtain results.

Deep Discovery Email Inspector

Deep Discovery Email Inspector Stop the spear-phishing attacks that lead to a data breach Product Type: Software Vendor: Trend Micro™ Key Features Advanced malware detection techniques and custom sandboxing to identify and block the spear-phishing emails Adds a transparent email inspection layer that discovers malicious content, attachments, and UrL links that pass unnoticed through standard READ MORE

Control Manager

Control Manager Assess, prioritize, and investigate attacks with Trend Micro or SIEM systems Provides a single, integrated interface to manage, monitor, and report across multiple layers of security, as well as across all deployment models.   Request Trial Data Sheet {rsform 8} Key Features Continuously monitor and rapidly understand your security posture, identify threats, and READ MORE